Content For Website Optimization

Content Optimization for Websites

Content is very important for any website optimization. Either you do for your Blog promotion or you do for your custom services related websites or you have any product
website like E-Commerce. You need to write very unique and good content for your website’s per page.

I have seen many E-Commerce website where owner do not put the product’s content on page even they just say that how can we add more content for any page. But they must understand Google rules. Google has announced many years back that if content is fresh and unique so
in seo optimization will be very good.

Hire Dedicated Writers In House

Many of Clients do not get dedicated content writers for their own websites writing, they hire online writer from cheapest price website like fiverr and freelancer and UPWork where mostly people are doing writing work fake. They are using desktop software for spinning content from different site’s real content, They have their own mind thinking that if they will also copy and past content from optimized websites to their client’s website so client’s website will also get rank higher which is very bad and google gives penalty msg in their webmaster tool.

Once for a website analysis I went in a office and I analysis their content of main page so it was total copy and pasted from different other websites. Before owner told me that we have freelancer experience writer who has good writing skills and we also checked their work she is going well.

I have seen many seniors now days those are thinking that see has 200+ or 209 total ranking factors (which is fact) but those few are only statics not real current algorithm.

I have also seen that many of see think that content is not included in on page seo optimization which is very wrong.
Google has one thing LSI Algorithm which is very important to understand. It is an old Algorithm but this still work for any website per page content optimization with
multiple keywords ranking on serps.

There is only one main ranking factor in my eyes i have ever seen which is only content optimization for keywords ranking.
content is very important in Google as many different program like, YouTube Video, Google AdSense, Google organic first page ranking all these required content on your blog or your website at every page or your every post.

Content always should be in text mode, Most of the designer and developer / client wish to have a website with animated images or images of written / provided content of writer which is wrong thing.


I will start course of Google organic seo from my this website.
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