difference Between GDN and GSN

There are some difference between GDN ( google display network ) and GSN ( google search network ).

What is GSN ( Google Search Network ) ?

The Google Search Network shows ads on Google search engine pages like if i will search at google ” real estate agency¬†NYC¬†” so you will see some results appearing on google listing which is called Google Serps. You will see some links appearing bellow search bar and right bar navigation and those are having a little yellow icon with the tag showing Ad.
These are sites appearing because advertiser paid to google by Google Adword Planner. The website owner pays on every single clicks from anywhere. It has click rates which is selected and fixed by google adword like if you have created an add of web designing agency USA with your website link so you will have to select multiple keywords for appearing your ads at the top 3
or right side on google serps.
As an example if you have selected 2 keywords only for your adword account so you will also see that there will be some amount google will be showing in front of every keyword and that keyword amount will be detected
at every single click like web design agency USA has $5 so you will be charged by adword $5 on each click and it this is
very expensive way but very good way for increasing your business leads and traffic generation and many biggest and huge company are doing GOOGLE AD WORD ( GOOGLE SEARCH NETWORK ) For fast ROI.


What is GDN ( Google Display Network ) ?

Google Display ads are shown at YouTube, Blogger and other various publisher websites. As you watch various video on YouTube or read blogs for information or watch live alerts on video embaded blogs where you will be watching few ads and also on your gmail account so that is created by google adword planner first go to all campaign and click on red button and you will see list appearing and there will be 3rd option name appearing Display Network only. Then just you need to see steps and all you will do easily.
Campaign Name, choose what you want from bellow, then select location, select language, select / edit bids strategy then select your budget per day, select start date of ads
appearing, then just you need to click on save and continue blue button and and now you need to give ad group name, max vcpm bid, and landing page URL, then choose use a different targeting method, and put your targeted keyword, it will show the websites list with audios where your ad will appear.
this is awesome and good for you.
save and continue and and last method just create your add as you used to create for google adword in past.
now save and continue and check your group and campaign it will be active in short time after review.

So what ever you select for your business ROI both above methods are the best

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