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Hello Everyone!

It’s Jibran, SEO from past 11 years.
Today I am uploading this article to share the information with you that how can you design an HTML and CSS responsive, even parallax animated website with the help of free software in few minutes.

  1. Now First step visit themeforest website and choose site template.
  • Where you will see a lots of category wise website (Site Template is alternate name of HTML, CSS websites) choose your selected theme and just go to its live preview button in the next tab you will see the theme URL will be opened, so just go there and click on the link
  • Remove Frames Check that is this theme responsive or not, now how to check this?
    go to Mozilla Firefox and open theme URL over there now press CTRL + SHIFT + M, you will see that your window will be resized and you will see all device size options on the top side.
  • Click on no device is selected and choose your side selected devise which you have personally like tablet or apple or android and check it’s visibility by browser.
  • When you confirm the check box that this website is responsive as per your demand and also having good layout so now there is second step.
  1. The second step is How to Download HTML, CSS live website / or any theme
  • Go to a Google and check HTTrack and download that one software. After installation you will need to copy and paste that URL from your browser which you checked that is this responsive or not?
  • Now after copying now this is the time to paste URL in software.
    Go to destination folder where you installed HTTrack and just double click on WinHTTrack you will see that software is opened. Now click next and give the name of your Project click next and paste the URL of that theme or your targeted website in Web Address box.
  • And this is time, to just press Finish Button keep the rest things as it is and don’t change anything.
    It will read your live targeted theme URL or website URL and will start mirroring its files with html CSS coding. Make sure it perfectly work if you have good internet speed and also if you have selected that theme which is having short few pages.

    • If you will download more than 50 page’s website or that website which is having ecommerce features and lots of other things so it will take more than 1 hours.
    • Some time it does not download theme because many sites are having restriction for downloading as they have SSL security and also they have many other restrictions.
  1. Now you need to buy a Domain and Hosting and hire a dedicated article writer or those writers who has more than 2 or 4 years of experience in writing and also having  approved articles on ezinearticles. If he / she has approved articles on ezine so hire her / him and now you will get good writing work, then replace the images and just finish.

    Comment me on this post if you have any trouble or any problem in understand anything.


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