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Today I am going to tell about WordPress installation on subdomain or public_html root of your .com or any extension domain.

1 = Download WordPress

This is your first thing to do that go to wordpress.org and download the zip file as bellow I am showing by image

As you can see the red highlighted button on wordpress.org website from you will be able to download a WordPress zip file.

2 = Uploading On Your CPanel

Now as you have download zip file name WordPress just login to your CPanel and just upload WordPress zip file from PC to your CPanel public_html. After uploading now just right click and extract all files of WordPress on your CPanel.

3 = MySQL Database Installation & Setup with detail

Now it is time for setting up MySQL Database which is very sensitive but easy work. Here I am explaining by images step by step.

A = Now you need to go MySQL R Database as bellow image

B = When you will click this above link so you will see bellow window and options

C = When you will create database with new data base field so new bellow option will be appear

As I described in the pic the do not check or press any button of red highlited area

But when you create new database so just save it with same name on notepad only

Because some time MS WORD or WordPad make first character capital which gives any error on database.

D = After saving your database name scroll down below and add new user as example image I am showing bellow.

Now it is time to create database id and Password. ( Make sure it is only database admin and password not WordPress admin and password ) and press Password generate button after you will see popup of password just save it in notepad file as we saved database and pres create user.

As you will see that you have created username so save this information

Now your user are ready to use for WordPress database connectivity

It is time to merge user with database this is very important and last thing. Without this you cannot see WordPress dashboard.

If you carefully see so this is on screen that
user and database both are different

Now in database setup this is last our action to do and your user is added in database

E = After you will see this option

Just active check on ALL PRIVILEGES option and scroll down and click the blue button MAKE CHANGES.

4 = Add Database information in wp-config.php

AS all is done but now

A = Go Cpanel public_html toot where all WordPress’s files are installed find the file name wp-config-sample.php under the php file name wp-comments-post.php.

B = And rename wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php

C = After renaming just right click on wp-config.php file and edit it

Now open your Notepad file where you saved all username, database name and password and past on mention location where it is being asked in file but never remove any single special character.

D = You can see this here

Did you see I pasted all database and username and password information in special character. And clicked on save button.

E = After this scroll down and go to link as bellow given in coding.

F = This is the url https://api.wordpress.org/secret-key/1.1/salt/ where you go and just copy the code from there.

G = This screen you will see so press CTRL + A and select all. Go to your wp-config.php file and past in 2nd option.

H = As you can see 2nd option is there I highlighted with red box. View bellow

And now that is all finished of wp-config.php file working and editing.

Now you just past testing_wordpress/wp-admin/install.php with your domain name before testing_wordpress.

If you put other user and database name so you will put that name with wp-admin/install.php because now like my one is http://www.jakkijiji.com/testing_wordpress/wp-admin/install.php

I = Your can be different like http://www.jakkijiji.com/wp-admin/install.php it will be first time working.

You will see this option of language. Select your language from list and click button.

Now next step are too much important as this is information of wordpress admin.

J = Bellow is the image which is need to fill, give the site title,

Open the notepad here and note down first wordpress admin and password in charectors or use auto generated password from option which is very strong.

Give your email id so you can receive update and other information.

And press the button bellow INSTALL WORDPRESS.

After this you will see the next option asking to login so just press login button and fill your saved wordpress admin id and password.

K = If you do not know that how to login your wp admin area so just past wp-login.php this after your domain and you will see your window for logging in.



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