5 Stars (5 / 5) Here now we are providing such good information about your own eCommerce or dynamic website’s layout that how it should be?

Please do not ignore these all things as these are very important for your website’s seo organic growth.

1 = Logo must has alt and properties setting inside picture before uploading, like you should go to property by right clicking and just set the keywords in title and extra details, give the 5 stars of your picture and do nice comment.

2 = Your Header tab should be linked to your services pages, and most important that if you have services website so create dropdown menu of service and in dropdown locate all your targeted service’s page which will increase the chase of your website seo ranking.

3 = URL Parameter is very important for your website, if you are doing dropdown and creating some links by dropdown links so your targeted page’s url should be seo friendly, it should not be very short and not be dynamic like this

                 A = bad example : http://www.xyz.com/02/1598/php?ecommerce.php or http://www.xyz.com/02/1598/php?ecommerce.html

                 B = bad example : http://www.xyz.com/ecommerce.php or http://www.xyz.com/ecommerce.html

These both are very bad for your inner pages seo optimization because you can see in url you are not giving any target location either you are selling in all over country or you are selling in specific location.

You must give location in url which makes it seo friendly url optimization.

                 A = Good example : http://www.xyz.com/ecommerce-web-development-london.php or http://www.xyz.com/ecommerce-web-development-london.html

                 B = Good example : http://www.xyz.com/ecommerce-web-development-in-uk.php or http://www.xyz.com/ecommerce-web-development-in-uk.html

You can see the difference among all urls as I give.

Sometime many websites are starting their introduction with very large heading which is not important now.

You should post the fresh content and high quality content about your product or services.

Many companies save their money and try to hire nonprofessional writer which is very bad for your seo working either you hire off page seo expert company or individual freelance seo for more than 2 years.

The reason of failing your seo will be copywriting and duplication by writers which you will not know.

As I have defined and wrote about content in my previous post so content is king.

4 = Keywords density is also very important and necessary for your website’s services pages or product’s description. For keywords density LSI Algorithm is very important to know. You can read about LSI Algorithm.

Your website layout should be professional and customer friendly it should not looks like a bloger or blog.

Very professional and awesome looks of website are eye catching by customer.

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