I have seen many clients those are currently asking and searching website designer companies in their own country or targeted location area but they just post by classified sites and also they try freelancing websites their side.
But they do not try their self just few hours in google searching with several keywords.

1= Web Design UK

Like this if any company or person searching website designer in their country or searching in their on inside targeted area location so they need to use keywords for their searches.
I know this is a time taking work but they will need to do because like this they will not get any non-experience or fresh person or company for their own website’s designing.
Just they should search Web Designer in London (if person lives in London his self who need website) and get website urls in an excel file from first page to second page.
Then view their price offer and features as per your demand. After clients should fill inquiry form of 5 to 8 or 10 websites with as per demand. This is best option to search their required person. and also ask their designed websites with their own signature in the footer like Designed By XYZ Companies. this is very important points otherwise people search templates and design and send by email or Skype contacts which can be fake.

2 = Meeting face to Face


This is also a very important to have a meeting face to face either you do in their office or in any suitable place. Ask their expertise, watch the face expressions and his sitting style because this will tell you that is he expert his self and in confidence or just fresh. Either you are hiring freelance but you need to judge him / her one time.

If you go to his / her office so you need to view all office and check by walking because most of peoples are having virtual office address on the Website address and also they talk from other countries by virtual Numbers or VoIP Numbers or Skype numbers.

3 = Freelance Hiring

This is up to you if you are willing to hire online freelancer for web designing and development or for your website’s seo smo marketing and advertising. Then you are able to hire by freelance websites. You can check portfolio online and personally I will suggest that if you are searching for SEO EXPERT as freelancer from his / her location.
So you need to see his own registered top level domain’s organic google ranking where he is optimizing or targeting.
As I have inquired a person for seo optimization and he told me that first check his own ranking at google then discus me if you are satisfied with my work. Also he told me that white hat seo always takes time and many things need to discus and change as per project services or requirements or google organic seo rules.

He increase my knowledge in this point for searching companies and freelancer also he said me must check LinkedIn Profile and Facebook Profile age so you can consider that how long he is doing as a professional.

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