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As we have seen now a days google map registration is very famous in this era so we are now describing some rules for new readers and for those who does not know that how to register their Business blog or Business websites at google.

Here are some steps those are very important to understand

  • You should be having an office with an address
  • Your website or Blog looks very professional
  • Your Telephone Number should be active on your selected time like Business days and hours
  • your address or phone number should be real
  • your phone number should not be virtual because google can call you for activation

After all these steps you will be asked that when pincode should be sent on your address
you will need to say now and then they will send a post card to your address It will take 2 or 1 week in USA, UK, Canada and may be you can get a call from google at same time.

As you will enter pin number so it will go for approval or may be google will approve your listening on same time.


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