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Here i am going to explain about the SEO.
SEO is the method through we promote any type of legal product’s or service’s website at google first page ranking by Google white label manual working.

Many of juniors and non experience try to use desktop .exe softwares for doing fast off page seo to save their time for handling other projects or getting new projects.

Some of seo still applying old seo tricks to promote their websites or brands.

Some of the old seo tricks i am explaining over here.


link wheel is not current seo white hat method, it is also known as PBN ( PRIVATE BLOG NETWORKING ) You can fully read about PBN on the link. Basically in past when there was no google penguin update so every blog or site has ranking because of LINK WHEEL or PBN. But at September 23, 2014 you can see google took some real actions for all those sites who were having this off page technique.

  • EMD ( Exact Match Domain )

Yes this is also an old method of Off Page seo. We have seen many websites regarding eCommerce or services related as they are having their own company name but they are having awesome top 10 or 20 organic ranking even they did not use any keyword in their own domain.
Many spam companies or non professional companies take these type of domains like if there is a company of web designing and they are in Asia so they try to use these type of domain

1 = web-designer-India
2 = web-designer-Pakistan
3 = web-designer-Indonesia
4 = web-designer-Malaysia

on .com or .net or org which is totally bad and it seems like non professional.

The big and positive example of domain name is

1 = Apple
2 = Facebook
3 = Yahoo
2 = Microsoft

do you see that they have keywords in their own domain ? they are need of customers, we will post new article soon about this topic.

  • Content Spining or Copying other content

One of the very harmful and bad seo trick and techniques are being applied by some junior freelance seo or seo companies.
We have review our some of client’s website where content are copy and pasted by other online freelancers because client does not know about seo optimization and Google algorithm rules and online hired writer use spinning softwares for writing or updating their website content which does not make any sense according google algorithm rules.


Manual SEO Off Page Working For Any Website

If you have a website through you sell any product like leather jackets in USA so you should see that what are you trying to show on website again and again by pictures.

Selection of keywords is very important part in the seo as it is called bag boon of seo.
for your website keywords selection you should see that what are the product’s name like

if you are selling on website leather jackets so what type of jackets are you selling like if there is jacket and it has name ” Biker Leather Jackets ” so this is the good keyword for your this target product but there is one thing, ( GOOGLE RULES FOR FIRST PAGE RANKING ) all these take time for ranking, You can post several products on your website but if you want ranking so you will have to wait for google indexing for some time.

some products are having very tough and high competition because of season like leather jackets are having tough competition in winter season so because of this some time easy products can take time for ranking.

Clients need to contact seo companies or seo freelancers before 3 to 4 months so they can start properly and they can perform well for your website off page and on page optimization.

Never hire those seo who will offer you their services by emails or phone calls,

always just search seo companies and seo freelancers with your target locations for full or part time hiring.

Note: one thing which is very important either you hire seo freelancer or seo company for full time or for part time it is very important to see their own website’s ranking at google. read this article carefully please.

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